Discipline Director: Earl Robinson (idahopop@aol.com)


Pistol categories include Smallbore and Hunter Pistol. Rifle categories are Cowboy Lever-action. All practice matches and the NRA Sanctioned Matches are open to NRAGC members and the public.


Practice Matches are held every Thursday at 630 PM.

NRA Matches are held on the 4th Saturday of each month, March – October.


Practice Matches – Indoor range (November – March) / Outdoor Range (April – October)

NRA Matches – Outdoor Range (March – October)


  • Outdoor range with steel targets (March thru October):
    • Rifle: pistol cartridge cowboy lever action and smallbore cowboy rifle.
    • Pistol: hunter pistol and smallbore hunter pistol
  • Indoor with paper targets (November thru March:
    • .22 Long Rifle ammo pistols or rifles only.
  • Silhouette weekly practice matches are open to all.
  • Monthly outdoor matches are open to all, some restrictions (ammo, equipment, score books etc.) apply.


Indoor Range – 6:30pm sight-in begins, shooting begins PROMPTLY at 7:00pm.

Outdoor Range – Times are usually the same (6:30 pm), however they may need to be changed at the beginning and/or end of the outdoor season due to lighting. Check with the Discipline Director for exact times.


The NRA Silhouette course consists of:

  • 10 chickens at 40m
  • 10 pigs at 50m
  • 10 turkeys at 75m
  • 10 rams at 100m

Each set of animals is shot in two banks of 5, one shot at each target. There is a time limit of 2 minutes and 30 seconds to fire 5 shots. All rifle shooting is from the offhand position.  Pistols must be used fully unsupported.


Practice matches cost $2.00/week for members and $5.00/week for non-members. There are no additional registration fees, you simply pay each week that you shoot. NRA matches cost $5.00 for each category. You will also need to purchase the official score books.